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Lucien Pagès

Lucien Pagès, Founder

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Lucien Pagès is founder of his namesake PR and communications agency, a business he founded without any formal PR experience. Today, Pagès's represents an assortment of established and upcoming Paris-based brands including Sacai, Courrèges, Lemaire, The Elder Statesman, Olympia Le-Tan, Koché, Vanessa Seward and Julien David

After graduating from the Chambre Syndicale in 1997, Pagès started his career in fashion as assistant to art director Marc Ascoli, a post he held for six years. It was after meeting designer Adam Kimmel, who went on to become his first client, that he decided to set up his own agency. 

To this day, his selection process for new clients remains the same as it always has been. "I need to feel comfortable with their work, so I usually choose designers I love and respect," he told 10 Magazine. "That is not very original, but I am pretty strict on this policy for the moment."



Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale

Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale