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Maithili Ahluwalia

Founder, Bungalow Eight

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Since launching chic lifestyle boutique Bungalow 8 in a space adjacent to her childhood home in Mumbai, Maithili Ahluwaila has successfully launched two in-house labels and has built a steady following of patrons which in the past has included the likes of Vivienne Westwood , Suzy Menkes and Madonna. Now housed in a majestic colonial building located in the heart of Mumbai's cultural centre Colaba, Bungalow 8 provides a unique shopping experience set out over three floors filled with modern and contemporary Indian offerings in home furnishings, antiques and artisanal jewellery.

A graduate of Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, where she obtained a degree in economics and sociology in 2000, and the London School of Economics, Ahluwalia initially pursued a career in consulting, securing a job in New York with Easton’s, a boutique marketing and business development firm. After returning to India in 2003, Ahluwalia set up Bungalow 8 with the help of family and friends. Initially launched as an interiors store, a chance encounter in Paris with Mathieu Gugumus Leguillon, a former group designer at Lanvin and Saint Laurent , led to Ahluwalia overseeing the launch of her first in-house fashion collection. The first collection for ‘Bungalow’ was released in 2009 with a menswear range released in early 2011. 


Bungalow 8

Bungalow 8


2003 - Mumbai, India


London School of Economics

London School of Economics