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Michèle Lamy

Muse & Collaborator

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Rick Owen’s wife, muse, creative collaborator and business partner, Michèle Lamy is revered as one of the fashion industry's true eccentrics. She cuts a distinctive silhouette even in the fashion circles of Paris, owing to her “gothic priestess” look and gold teeth.

Lamy first met Owens through his then-boyfriend, hiring him as a patternmaker for her own line Lamy. At the time she was living in Los Angeles and running Les Deux Café, one of Hollywood’s hidden insider spots.

Owens and Lamy moved to Paris in 2002 to reopen the furrier house Revillon and introduce Rick's signature line, for which she is a muse and creative consultant. In 2006, Lamy because an official backer to London-based designer Gareth Pugh ’s namesake label; under her influence, Pugh’s work progressed in a more luxurious direction, seeing cashmere, leather and mink introduced into his collections. She also works with Ahmed Abdelrahman, an Emirati designer who launched his label Thamanyah in 2011.

Algerian by blood, Lamy was born and grew up in France.


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