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Razane Jammal


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Razane Jammal is a Lebanese actress, best known for her roles in Olivier Assayas' "Carlos," Tobe Hooper's "Djinn" and  Kanye West 's "Cruel Summer." Jammal was born and raised in Beirut. She started acting in television commercials at age 15, taking part in regional campaigns in the Middle East. At 18, she moved to London to study business at King's College London, and Olivier Assayas eventually cast her in her first film role in 2009.

The Lebanese beauty quickly became a darling of the fashion crowd, becoming a fixture at Chanel shows and gracing the cover of Elle Oriental in August 2012 and L’Officiel in August 2017. Jammal has been a Chanel ambassador, and has represented the brand across the globe, in addition to being dressed by it for key events.

As an actress, Jammal has appeared in a number of different projects, from feature films to shorts, to TV shows. Her breakout role was in 2010's Carlos, followed by legendary horror director Tobe Hooper's "Djinn" in 2012. In 2012, she was also part of the cast for Kanye West's debut short film screened at the Cannes Film Festival, "Cruel Summer." She also co-starred alongside Liam Neeson in "A Walk Among The Tombstones," released in September 2014.

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