Shunichi Sugioka

Chairman & Chief Executive, H20 Retailing

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Shunichi Sugioka has been at the helm of H20 Retailing Corporation as chief executive and chairman since October 2007.

Formerly, Sugioka was president of Hankyu Department Stores and director of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, a position he was in from 2006. While at Hankyu, he worked on the annual British Fair, which has helped hundreds of British companies introduce their products to Japanese consumers over the last 40 years and continues to be valuable for promoting British goods in Japan. As president of the Kansai Japan-British Society, Sugioka has played a key role in promoting cultural and educational links between Japan and the United Kingdom.

The Hankyu department stores are located in the Japanese cities Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, stocking a number of national brands as well luxury key players such as Chanel, Kenzo, Moncler. The stores are also well known for their cultural event calendar, encompassing art exhibitions, food fairs and trade shows featuring national brands.

In 2019, Hankyu Hanshin Properties corp., a subsidiary of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings announced its venture into the overseas commercial real estate leasing industry. It made its debut through the partial acquisition of two landmark multipurpose properties jn Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia Complex and fX Sudirman located in Jakarta. Acquiring shares in the local authority of the assets, Hankyu Hanshin Holdings was granted ownership of the two buildings.


H2O Retailing

H2O Retailing

Chairman & Chief Executive

2007 - Present

Tokyo, Japan

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