3 May 2015

How can fashion develop more women leaders?

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How can fashion develop more women leaders?
In the fashion industry, women make up more than 70 percent of the total workforce, yet hold less than 25 percent of leadership positions in top fashion companies. They also hold a disproportionately low percentage of senior positions on the factory floor. Women are, by far, the primary consumers of fashion, but more often than not, their point of view is not reflected in business decisions. Companies that exclude women from leadership exclude talent that can give them a competitive edge. How can fashion develop more women leaders?

Carol Lim Founders & Designers, Opening Ceremony

Op-Ed | Weaving Better Narratives About Women

The fashion industry must do more to create more compelling, nuanced narratives about women and girls, argues Carol Lim.

Anna Jones Chief Executive of Hearst Magazines UK

Op-Ed | Employers Should Offer Women More Support

Employers are responsible for offering women the support they need to push themselves forward, says Anna Jones.

Top Comments
This is more of the "Good Ole Boys Club" and is clearly not very modern or progressive. 25%, 40% goals are improvements but really not enough.
By Sandra Garrett
So much continuous talk about this and not one conglomerate actually takes this seriously. 4% in 5 years is a token gesture.
By Rachel OBrien
Despite the wealth of the pool of talent, perhaps the talent votes with their feet and decides there is more to life than the rigours that will be imposed by the boardroom.
By Emma Mascall

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