20 February 2017

How to fix fashion week?

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How to fix fashion week?

In a fashion market being reshaped by digital media, rapid globalisation and an uncertain economic and geo-political environment, more and more brands are rethinking their approach to where, when and how to present their collections, putting pressure on traditional fashion weeks to evolve. Some brands are showing on the couture calendar in January and July, allowing them to align their main lines with the lucrative sales period for pre-collections and giving them more time to produce and deliver garments, ensuring they stay on the sales floor for longer before discounting begins. Others now see fashion week as a consumer media and marketing platform, and are adopting ‘see now, buy now’ strategies to realign their media and retail cycles, sometimes showing off-piste to activate local markets and achieve a better signal-to-noise ratio. Indeed, the very concept of fashion week is in flux in terms of target audience, format, timing, duration and geography. How can fashion week be fixed to better fit today’s world?


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