5 April 2015

Is fashion missing the technology revolution?

The Issue

Is fashion missing the technology revolution? 

As other sectors, from music to transport, are being radically reshaped by technology-driven innovation, fashion remains a laggard. The fashion industry fetishises technology as if it were a seasonal trend, not an ongoing revolution. Technology is changing everything, from product development to manufacturing to logistics to human resources to sales. Still, most fashion companies relegate technology to a subset of their marketing and sales departments, treating it as a side-project rather than integrating technology into core business thinking. Is fashion missing the technology revolution?
Frederic Court Venture Capitalist

Op-Ed | Embracing Digital Is a Matter of Survival

The fashion world is late to the tech revolution, but there are seven ways in which fashion and luxury brands can aggressively exploit digital to boost their businesses, says Frederic Court.

Amanda Parkes Chief Innovation Officer, Fashion Tech Lab

Op-Ed | Fashion Can Win the Wearables War

Fashion has the potential to leapfrog the gadget-focused consumer electronics industry and tap the growing wearables market with fashionable high-tech textiles, advises Amanda Parkes.

Chris Morton Co-Founder & Chief Executive, Lyst

Op-Ed | Fashion Should Not Sleep Through the 'Next China'

Why are a handful of top fashion brands ignoring the Internet? Because the market hasn’t yet forced them to take action, argues Chris Morton, CEO and founder of Lyst.

Ayse Ildeniz Vice President & General Manager, Business Development & Strategy, Intel’s New Devices Group

Op-Ed | Partnerships Are Key to Tapping Wearable Tech

From 13th-century eyeglasses to modern-day yoga pants, fashion and technology have always been inextricably linked. But to tap the promise of wearable tech, we need to foster a new ecosystem of players, argues Ayse Ildeniz of Intel’s New Devices Group.

Eddie Mullon Founder & Chief Executive of Fashion GPS

Op-Ed | Technology Can Transform the Operational Backbone of Fashion

The fashion industry is entranced by front-end, consumer-facing innovation. But technology has tremendous power to transform the back-end of the fashion business, driving efficiency across the value chain, says Eddie Mullon, founder and CEO of Fashion GPS.

Daljit Singh

Op-Ed | Luxury Must Take Hold of Its Digital Destiny

The luxury sector must take hold of its digital destiny by innovating from within and delivering new tech-infused products rooted in emotion, argues Daljit Singh.

Top Comments
If the customer wanted an internet experience they would have stayed home.
By Mlaney54
People will need to experience a piece of clothing before buying it, especially if it's more expensive. It's about coming up with a way in which technology can facilitate this.
By Boryana Pencheva, London, United Kingdom
Virtual dressing rooms are expensive to set up and are time consuming as each piece of clothing needs to be 3D rendered.
By Sudha Mathana Gopalan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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