The Art and Science of Buying and Merchandising

Learn how to take the next step in your buying and merchandising career and what it takes to succeed in today's competitive job market.

Susanne  Tide-Frater

Susanne Tide-Frater

Fashion Consultant / Brand & Strategy Director, Farfetch
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Course Overview

The Art and Science of Buying and Merchandising

Looking to get ahead in your career? Take our self-directed course through the foundations of Buying and Merchandising from one of the world’s best, Susanne Tide-Frater. Through 8 hours of exclusive video content and learning materials, gain essential and up-to-date knowledge to set you up for success. Study whenever you want and at your own pace, and receive your BoF Certificate upon completion. Watch the trailer to find out more. 

For Students:
  • Understand what it actually means to work in Buying or Merchandising
  • Strengthen your academic education with industry insight
  • Gain an advantage over the competition in future job applications
For Junior-Mid Professionals:
  • Gain invaluable advice on how best to balance big data and gut instinct
  • Understand how Buying & Merchandising is executed in best-in-class companies
  • Improve your skillset to develop your career or prepare to change role
For Entrepreneurs:
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of Buying & Merchandising 
  • Understand the real-world application of Buying & Merchandising in leading companies
  • Enhance the skills you need to grow your own business

Your Tutor - Susanne Tide-Frater

Susanne  Tide-Frater

Susanne Tide-Frater has a wealth of experience in product strategy and brand development. Beginning her career in Paris focusing on trend development, she then moved to take on strategic creative roles at leading fashion companies such as Selfridges, Harrods, Victoria Beckham and digital disruptor Farfetch.

What Our Students Are Saying

I am happy I took the course and I feel I really learnt something that I use daily at work. The course puts a theoretical and practical framework around what it is we do when we work in fashion. David, Manager, Hong Kong
As a working professional within the world of fashion and dealing with retailers, buyers and merchandisers I felt it was great to understand my customer and how they really operate. I'm definitely going to use this towards my own job. Martha, Sales Executive, United States
The course was eye-opening at times. Very smooth, user friendly, well structured and easy to navigate. I learned many things and I greatly appreciated the readings and activities. The pricing was perfect. Sybil, Digital Communications, France

Curriculum Summary

Course Overview

Understand the goals of the course and be introduced to your tutor Susanne Tide-Frater.

20 minutes 2x Video 2x PDF

1. Art vs Science – Buying and Merchandising

What does art vs science mean? Learn how buyers and merchandisers mix instinct with hard data to build product selections that customers actually want to buy. Understand how the roles of the buyer and merchandiser differ, and how they work together. 

1.3 hour 7x PDF 3x Video 2x Quiz

2. Future vs Past – Trend Prediction and Planning

Understand why the buying cycle dictates that buyers and merchandisers work on multiple seasons at once, highlighting the importance of trend forecasting and customer profiling.

1.3 hour 8x PDF 4x Video 4x Quiz

3. Gut vs Numbers – Sourcing and Selection

Understand the influence of trade shows and fashion weeks within the sourcing and selection process. Consider how best to plan your range, develop product and negotiate to get the best result.

1.3 hour 9x PDF 5x Video 5x Quiz

4. Depth vs Breadth – Allocation and Analysis

Get to grips with the thorough analysis required within a merchandiser’s role to allocate product correctly across points of sale. Understand the significance of the critical path.

1 hour 7x PDF 3x Video 3x Quiz

5. Inside vs Outside – Internal and External Challenges

New internal and external forces are challenging the status quo at all stages of the buying cycle, from sourcing to delivery. Understand the key areas including CSR and data-driven decision making.

1 hour 7x PDF 3x Video 3x Quiz

6. Summary

Solidify the key learnings from each chapter and gain invaluable career advice from Susanne Tide-Frater.

20 minutes 4x PDF 3x Video 1x Quiz

Glossary of Key Terms

Become fluent in Buying & Merchandising vocabulary. Fashion acronyms explained and technical terms decoded.

30 minutes 1x PDF


An appendix of further reading to augment your learning.

20 minutes 1x PDF

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