Fashion A-Z

From applique to zippers, a comprehensive dictionary with definitions and
meanings of key fashion vocabulary, written by Camilla Morton.


Appliqué is a popular technique, particularly in haute and demi couture, where one material, usually plain, is placed on top of another to create unique contrasting motifs, pattern or texture. It is essentially the collaging, or layering of fabrics, traditionally using needlework techniques, to ‘ornament’ or ‘apply’ an extra dimension on to the fabric.


Armscye (also spelt arm scythe and pronounced ‘Arm’s Eye’) is a Scottish term in origin. It refers to the armhole opening in a garment and is also the tailoring term for the pattern shape used when constructing the armhole. If you were to label the anatomy of a dress, the armscye would be at the opening of the bodice, where the sleeve is attached.