Fashion A-Z

From applique to zippers, a comprehensive dictionary with definitions and
meanings of key fashion vocabulary, written by Camilla Morton.

Passementerie Edging

Passementerie Edging is an ornamental edging or trim, made of braid, cord, lace or metallic beading, and often coming with tassels as well. The word comes from the French passement, meaning a passing. This elaborate edging, often with jet or metal beads, is frequently found in haute couture.

Patch Pockets

Patch Pockets are created by attaching a pre-cut pieces of material and sewing them, like a patch, to the outside of a garment, instead of constructing inset pockets. Often patch pockets have a flap at the top and become a feature of the design — think the patch pockets on Paddington Bear’s duffle coat.