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A Beginner’s Guide to Fashion Communications

BoF Masterclass

The Internet has rewired media and marketing. This introductory course will help you build a fashion communications career in today’s fast-evolving media landscape.

About this course:

The advent of digital has upended the traditional relationship between companies and consumers, giving rise to new media platforms and forcing forward-thinking fashion brands, agencies and media companies to rewrite their communications strategies. Taught by fashion industry experts, this introduction to fashion communications will equip you with the theoretical framework and practical tools you need to build a successful communications career in today’s fast-changing fashion industry.
  • Learn about the differing job functions of those who work in fashion communications, the core activities of each, how they work together and how they are changing
  • Understand from industry experts how they create and execute successful communication strategies
  • Discover how digital technology has transformed the communications landscape and learn what it takes to succeed in communications today

What you will get out of it:

Understand the ins-and-outs of fashion communications. Learn from a variety of industry insiders on what it takes to succeed, new roles that are emerging and key insights to accelerate your career.

Who should take this course?

Seeking a career in fashion marketing or PR? Running your own business and want a better understanding of how to communicate your brand? Starting out in a fashion communications role and want to up your game? This course offers you the opportunity to understand what you’ll need to succeed, learning from the best in the field.