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Fashion Journalism

BoF Masterclass

This course will educate budding journalists on today’s changing media environment and empower them to create unique content in multiple media forms - from print to digital video to social media - that will cut through the clutter of online information and resonate with users.

About this course:

The media landscape is changing fast. In today’s world, where content is abundant, atomised and must be conceived for a wide range of media types and platforms, the job of a fashion journalist is evolving. Yet certain tenents — from accuracy to ethics — remain as important as ever. This course discusses fundamental skills required to be a successful fashion journalist, from cultivating sources to interview techniques to writing, multimedia production and social promotion.
  • Learn how to create high-quality content which engages and inspires your readers and viewers
  • Learn how to develop your own editorial and writing voice
  • Learn how to connect fashion with wider cultural and societal references
  • Discover how to research materials in an effective and efficient manner to obtain optimal findings
  • Understand how to communicate effectively across a variety of media

What you will get out of it:

This dynamic and creative course is brought to life via video tutorials from industry experts and leading journalists, as well as best-in-class examples and reading materials, finish the course confident in all aspects of fashion journalism. Learn best practice and be able to produce premium content that is relevant within the fashion industry today.

Who should take this course?

Whether you work in fashion journalism and want to accelerate your career by improving your writing know-how, or you’re considering your future career and want to specialise in fashion journalism, or you’re looking to implement an element of journalism in to your own fashion business — this course offers a detailed outline of fashion journalism and how to apply learnings to real life scenarios.