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Enjoy unlimited access to BoF’s award-winning journalism, including in-depth industry analysis and BoF Fashion Week reviews from Tim Blanks.

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Get ahead of the competition with exclusive Professional-only content, including a weekly must-read column by senior BoF editors, a special ‘This Week in Fashion’ briefing, insightful daily news briefings and real-time news alerts.

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Get our BoF Professional app for iPhone for instant access to Professional-only briefings, realtime news alerts, saved articles, along with your Daily Digest Newsletter and our latest articles, available offline, whenever and wherever you need.

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Members-only Networking Events

Get first access to tickets for BoF’s new members-only local networking events in key fashion capitals, beginning in 2017, bringing together like-minded engaged fashion industry professionals from the BoF community to build connections and share learnings.

Bi-annual Special Print Edition

Receive the twice yearly special print edition when subscribed to our Annual package, including in-depth features on the people and companies shaping fashion, as well as our annual BoF 500 directory of the most influential industry players. Alternatively, click here to purchase the print edition separately.

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Letter From The Founder & CEO

Imran Amed

Founder & CEO, The Business of Fashion

Dear BoF readers,

For almost a decade, The Business of Fashion has been a trusted source of independent, authoritative analysis on the global fashion industry, arming fashion professionals all over the world with a powerful competitive advantage in today’s turbulent times.

Now, it’s time for BoF to take the next step in our journey as a business. Unlimited access to BoF’s agenda-setting journalism will no longer be free. We invite industry professionals and other loyal readers to upgrade to BoF Professional for unlimited access to our award-winning content, plus exclusive Professional-only analysis and special briefings.

We value BoF’s role in inspiring the fashion professionals of the future and are committed to keeping BoF’s content freely available to students and occasional readers, who will continue to have access to 5 articles per month free of charge, as well as unlimited access to our Daily Digest Newsletter, BoF Fashion Week Galleries, the BoF 500 and BoF Careers.

We are offering our readers the opportunity to upgrade to BoF Professional for a year at a 25% discount off the monthly membership price, bringing the cost to less than $0.60 a day, well worth the investment to stay on top of everything that’s happening in today’s fast-paced global fashion industry.

Kind regards,

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Imran Amed

Frequently Asked Questions

BoF Professional membership provides you with unlimited access to agenda-setting news, analysis and opinion that you cannot find anywhere else.

Your membership includes unlimited access to BoF articles (including our archive), professional-only briefings and alerts, and the BoF iOS app that is coming soon.

If you subscribe to the Annual Package, you will also receive the bi-annual Special Print Edition, as well as access to exclusive networking events.

If you choose to not become a BoF Professional member, you will still be able to access BoF, as a Basic member.

This membership will allow you to read up to 5 articles a month, provide access to our BoF Fashion Week show imagery, allow access to BoF Careers job and company pages, view BoF 500 pages and receive our Daily Digest newsletter.

Our subscriptions run on an auto-renew basis. After your initial subscription charge, you will then be charged on a rolling annual or monthly basis.

The subscription price you can see above is approximated by your location. The final price on the payment form takes into account both your local currency and tax, as defined by your payment card billing address.

After your payment has been processed and your membership has started, you may cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel, you will continue to have access for the remaining subscription period, but will not be auto-renewed.

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