Integra Fragrances
Integra Fragrances
Company Snapshot

We design scent identities for the world's leading brands by leveraging the power of smell to create unique, branded experiences.

The News in Brief

Prices for pre-owned Rolex watches kept falling on the secondary market last month while entry-level models and brands like Cartier and Omega fared comparatively better.

In a statement ahead of its third quarter earnings call on Oct. 3, Oddity Tech — the parent of makeup brand Il Makiage and skin care line Spoiled Child, which started trading on the Nasdaq in July — said it expects revenue for the third quarter ended Sept. 30 to rise 29 to 31 percent year-over-year, up from initial guidance of 18 to 23 percent.

The company and its stockholders are expecting to sell at least 32 million shares, likely to be priced between $44 and $49 apiece, and potentially raise about $1.58 billion at the top-end of the range, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

On Saturday, subscribers to Philo’s mailing list received an email confirming the launch date along with a fast-moving GIF of flashing images teasing a glimpse of her creative vision for the label for the first time.

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