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  1. Indonesia’s New Mega-Rich Spend it Big as Inequality Grows

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  3. Adidas Scales Back in Russia and Issues Profit Warning

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  4. Why India Emerges As Most Attractive Ecommerce Destination

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  5. Minimalist Kids’ Fashion Is on the Rise

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In Paris, The Broken Arm Attracts Insiders

The Broken Arm boutique in Paris | Source: Courtesy

In the year and a half since its opening, The Broken Arm in Paris has become a magnet for the same mix of industry creatives that frequent influential concept stores like Colette thanks to its focused, personal buys, popular in-house café and a local-global outlook that gives the store a “double rhythm.”

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Amazon to Invest Extra $2 Billion in India as E-Commerce Race Heats Up

Amazon shipping warehouse | Source: Reuters Inc. on Wednesday said it will invest a further $2 billion in India just a day after the country’s largest e-tailer Flipkart attracted $1 billion of fresh funds, raising the stakes in a nascent but fast-growing e-commerce sector.

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