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  2. Assessing the Alexander Wang/H&M Collaboration

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  3. Cucinelli Sees Rosy 2014 Amid Strong Demand for Exclusivity

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  4. The Victoria’s Secret Show 2014 is Coming to London

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  5. More Shock Than Chic: Inappropriate Fashion Shoots

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Tapping Brazil’s Next Tier

Museu Oscar Niemeyer in Curitiba, capital of Paraná state | Source: Flickr

Latin America’s powerhouse has made great strides forward but lost the mouth-watering economic momentum of the boom years. Now, to unlock more of Brazil’s potential, global fashion brands are trekking to the very margins of the map. Market GPS is sponsored by Marvin Traub Associates.

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A New Brazilianness Amidst Post-Boom Economy

Looks from Paula Raia, Colcci, and Lenny Niemeyer | Source: São Paulo Fashion Week

This season, the runways of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro were alive with newfound optimism and Brazilianness. But the underlying economic situation presents a starker reality for Brazil’s domestic fashion industry.

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