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  1. Sign of the Times

    “Straightforward, commercial clothes used to be the antithesis of high fashion. Now, they are the benchmark.” …More

  2. America’s Changing Mall Culture [Audio]

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  3. Luxottica Shares Fall on Reports of Chief Executive Departure

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  4. Shoppers or Smugglers? China Cracks Down On ‘Daigou’ Boom

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Cult Menswear Brand John Elliott + Co Grows on Its Own Terms

Snap Overshirt, Hooded Villain, and Escobar Sweatpants | Source: John Elliott + Co

John Elliot and Aaron Lavee have managed to grow an initial investment of $30,000 into a fledgling business that’s set to generate revenues in the “seven-figure-range,” propelled by its standout basics and healthy online fanbase.

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Gritty Paris Slows Flow of Chinese Tourists

Louis Vuitton store on the Champs-Elysees, Paris | Source: Shutterstock

First-time visitors from China arrive in Paris expecting to see a quaint, affluent and friendly European city with smartly dressed men and women smelling of Chanel No. 5. Instead, they discover the French capital’s grittier side.

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Op-Ed | Alibaba’s Catch-22

A Gucci wallet of unverified origin listed on Taobao | Source: Taobao

Stuck in a ‘catch-22’ in its relationship with luxury brands, Chinese e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba should take a page from Google, maximising revenue in the short term, while buying critical time to build enduring relationships with Western brands, argue Brian Buchwald and Joshua Neckes.

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