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  1. BHS: Death Knell Tolls as Philip Green Puts Stores up for Sale

    “Sir Philip Green’s BHS could disappear from the high street after the billionaire owner revealed that the …More

  2. Beanies, Tees and Steez: How Shaun Neff Built a $100 Million Business Out of His Backpack

    “His eponymous company — which he founded in college selling T-shirts out of a backpack — has …More

  3. Adidas Top Exec: We Need to Look Cool Again in the U.S.

    “Adidas has set up a fairly lofty challenge for recently promoted Mark King: make the German sportswear …More

  4. Lane Crawford President Andrew Keith on how to Beat China’s Luxury Slowdown

    “In the midst of a dramatic China growth slowdown for luxury brands and ongoing government corruption …More

  5. Catalogs, After Years of Decline, Are Revamped for Changing Times

    “In this digital age when filling a shopping cart requires little more than clicking on a screen, the printed …More

The Creative Class | Edouard Roschi, Perfume Developer

Le Labo co-founder Edouard Roschi | Source: Courtesy

Perfume developer Edouard Roschi tells BoF about his role taking perfumes from initial concept to final product, and how, along with Fabrice Penot, he founded and grew niche fragrance brand Le Labo, which was recently acquired by beauty behemoth Estée Lauder.

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Why Are Sportswear Giants Nike and Adidas Embracing Fashion?

(L) Karlie Kloss modelling Pedro Lourenço for Nike, (R) Mary Katrantzou x Adidas | Source: Nike, Adidas

As Nike and Adidas announce new designer collaborations with Acronym’s Johanna F. Schneider and Junichi Abe’s Kolor, respectively, BoF examines the strategies behind the uptick in the fashion activities of the world’s leading sportswear giants.

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