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  1. Karl Lagerfeld Garden-Themed Show Raises a Smile for Chanel

    “Couture-in-bloom theme in Paris as designer showcases floral ideas, keeping it modern to the last.” …More

  2. Conde Nast Editors to Create Articles and Videos for Advertisers

    “The move — which comes with the rollout of 23 Stories by Conde Nast, a new department charged with creating …More

  3. Uniqlo Goes Where Others Have Been Burnt: Canada

    “Uniqlo is being “surgical” in its Canadian market entry, lest it face a disaster like the one that befell …More

  4. Streetwear, a Little Older and Wiser at OAMC

    “As it establishes itself as a force in fashion with a shelf life beyond mere trend, a question floats to the …More

  5. Forget ‘New Look’, Simons Gave us a Genuinely New Look

    “In its overt sixties nostalgia, it had a firmer footing in the world envisaged by Yves Saint Laurent.” …More

The Creative Class | Edouard Roschi, Perfume Developer

Le Labo co-founder Edouard Roschi | Source: Courtesy

Perfume developer Edouard Roschi tells BoF about his role taking perfumes from initial concept to final product, and how, along with Fabrice Penot, he founded and grew niche fragrance brand Le Labo, which was recently acquired by beauty behemoth Estée Lauder.

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