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  3. North Korea’s Fashion Police

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  4. Fashion Industry Calls for Boycott of Dorchester Collection Hotels

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  5. Ilaria Urbinati: The Stylist for the Quieter Half of the Red Carpet

    “A decade after the ascendance of Rachel Zoe, who has become a star in her own right, Ms. Urbinati has …More

Op-Ed | The End of the $1 Billion Fashion Brand

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Armed with huge sums of money invested at sky-high valuations, fashion start-ups are setting themselves up for failure. But with the right capital structure, any company that can build a brand that delights its customers can be an economic win for all involved, argues Lawrence Lenihan.

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In Beirut, Sarah’s Bag Balances Style and Social Good

A woman working on a section for a Sarah’s Bag | Source: Courtesy

In battle-scarred Beirut, Sarah Beydoun of Sarah’s Bag has built an international accessories business built on unique bags handmade by former prostitutes and prisoners by putting her story second and fashion first.

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