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  1. Anna Wintour Remembers Oscar de la Renta

    “There is much being said that his passing yesterday marks the end of an era. Not true. He was the most …More

  2. Adidas Should Ditch Reebok and Run in Breakup Plan

    “Adidas AG selling its Reebok unit, even at a loss, is the best first step the sporting-goods maker can take …More

  3. Qatar Eyes $15bn Asia Spending Spree

    “Qatar’s purchase of a stake in a Hong Kong department store chain is the beginning of a potential $15bn …More

  4. Jacob Will Close its Doors for Good

    “Attempts to keep fashion retailer Boutique Jacob Inc. open as a smaller chain have failed and the company …More

  5. Jonathan Anderson: Wonder Boy

    “’Loewe should be competing on a global scale, and I think I did that justice. It has the foundations to be …More

The Creative Class | Hans Feurer, Photographer

Hans Feurer | Photo: Max Vadukul

To quote the man himself, it has been “a real flash life” for Swiss fashion photographer Hans Feurer. BoF speaks to the professed Nietzsche devotee, born adventurer and legendary master of light. The Creative Class is supported by CLIO Image, an awards show honouring creative excellence in fashion, beauty and retail.

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