Donatella’s wisdom, Betsey Johnson’s makeover, Mortgaging the future, Facebook fashion, Uniqlo’s temples

Donatella Versace | Source: Versace

Donatella Versace is teaching a new generation how to thrive (Independent)
“Once a party animal, now the head of a fashion empire, Donatella Versace has lived through both good times and bad. Now she’s teaching a new generation of designers how to thrive.”

Betsey Johnson Faces a Makeover (WSJ)
“Steven Madden could likely help the $200 million Betsey Johnson label expand, allowing it ‘to put money into the organization, product development, marketing and corporate growth.’”

Young Chinese mortgaging their futures for luxury brands (Global Times)
“Young Chinese have been sold a distinct vision of what it is to be modern, and it’s all about the brands and the gadgets. But the Chinese economy isn’t yet capable of providing the income necessary for most urban youth to live a life of full-blown consumerism.”

New Facebook message platform a game-changer for luxury brands (Luxury Daily)
“Facebook’s new message platform breaks down the wall between email and social media with the potential to reap significant rewards for luxury marketers who can master the ecosystem.”

The Eye Behind Fashion’s Innovative Showcases (NY Times)
“The hordes of shoppers lining up for the Uniqlo’s+J collection in SoHo last month probably didn’t notice the store: the futuristic clean lines, steel railings, opaque glass stairs. And that’s the way Masamichi Katayama, the cult designer behind this mass-market fashion temple, likes it.”