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The iconic London emporium has found its fashion feet, servicing an informed, flash-free pack made up of the city’s creatives.

Liberty Premium Page

The iconic London emporium has found its fashion feet, servicing an informed, flash-free pack made up of the city’s creatives.

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Vital statistics

  • 1875 Established
  • Private Type
  • 501 - 1,000 Number of employees
  • £132.5 million (2014) Revenue
  • London, United Kingdom HQ

Key people

  • Marco Capello Chairman

Menswear Q&A

Company Snapshot

Liberty: London’s Design Emporium

Liberty: London’s Design Emporium

LONDON, United Kingdom — A design emporium that has enlivened London with its global buy since 1875, Liberty is situated in an iconic Tudor revival building in the heart of London’s West End. The department store initially found fame for the goods its founder Arthur Liberty sourced from the Far East to bring back to the city. In succeeding years, its floral prints have become a globally recognised signature and a visual reference point for many leading designers.

Following the 2008 arrival of a new managing director, Ed Burstell, previously of Bergdorf Goodman, the store has cemented its fashionable relevance for another generation and focused more attention on its leading menswear offering. A destination for menswear aficionados from London and abroad; the store is not afraid to make directional buys to satisfy its menswear customer base.

We spoke to Stephen Ayres, Liberty’s head of fashion, to learn more.

BoF: Who is the Liberty menswear customer?

SA: Our customer is educated on fashion; it is not about brand carrying or a logo, it is much more understated. It is much more about fabrication and fit, and quality really. Because of our position in town, we are on the edge of the media district with all the film houses and such, so a lot of them work in creative industries, and they live in London — the core age is 35 to 50. That is the demographic of our core man.

BoF: How do you compose your buys?

SA: Every brand that we buy is edited to service our customer; we buy only the best of the brands that we believe are at the height of the market at that time. Each brand is collated with our customer in mind. A lot of our business is local, so around 70 percent of customers are repeat customers and local customers, so it really allows us to have an insight into what they want and their shopping patterns.

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Company Snapshot

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