Marco Bizzarri

Marco Bizzarri

President and CEO of Gucci

The former head of couture and leather goods for Kering, he took the reins at Gucci in 2015, tasked with reenergising the brand.

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"In a pivotal new role for Kering, Marco Bizzarri will start to influence and shape the brands for years to come," said Jonathan Akeroyd, chief executive of the Kering-owned Alexander McQueen.

Bizzarri was appointed as the first chief executive of Kering’s couture and leather goods division in April 2014 as part of a group-wide reorganisation to focus on luxury goods, which also saw Albert Bensoussan take the role of CEO of the luxury watches and jewellery division.

His appointment places Bizzarri at the highest executive level of Kering, reporting directly to François Henri Pinnault. In January 2015, Bizzarri took over Patrizio Di Marco's role as chief executive of Gucci, in addition to his other responsibilities within the group. Bizzarri overseas all of the group’s other fashion and accessories brands including Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Brioni and Bottega Veneta.

Bizzarri’s star has been on the ascendance within Kering for sometime; as chief executive of both Bottega Veneta and Stella McCartney he has a proven track record of driving strong results.

Bizzarri joined Bottega Veneta as president and chief executive in 2009. Bizzarri proved his worth immediately upon his appointment, by his skilful handling of the collapse of the financial markets and ensuing global recession. Bucking the trend, Bizzarri maintained price points, upped communications spending and retained Bottega Veneta’s artisans; in 2010 Bottega Veneta rebounded faster than its competitors reporting a first quarter growth increase of 39 percent.

In addition to driving growth, capitalising on the shifting market Bizzarri successfully repositioned Bottega Veneta in the eyes of consumers as one of the most luxurious and, crucially, desirable brands. Bizzarri astutely focused on the brand’s intrecciato weaving technique, granting Bottega Veneta an immediately recognisable brand signifier, in keeping with its discreet image and appeal. Building upon a strong foundation left by Di Marco, Bizzarri guided Bottega Veneta to become a billion dollar brand, with over 200 stores worldwide.

Bizzarri first joined Kering in 2005, as president and chief executive of Stella McCartney, in addition to joining the group’s luxury management committee. Whilst at Stella McCartney, Mr Bizzarri formulated the strategies for the brand’s emergence in to Asia.

Prior to joining Stella McCartney Bizzarri was general manager of Marithé & François Girbaud in Paris for one year. From 1993 to 2004 Bizzarri worked for the Mandarina Duck Group, culminating in his appointment as general manager.

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