Daily Digest

11 April, 2013

How Conde Nast Plans to Turn John McAfee’s Bizarre Tale Into Hollywood Gold

John McAfee | Source: Wired

“Last May, journalist Joshua Davis embarked on a trip to Belize to interview eccentric software entrepreneur John McAfee for Wired magazine. Six months later, when local police revealed they were seeking to question McAfee in connection with the murder of his neighbor, Davis was still in touch with the now-wanted man. And Wired owner Condé Nast found itself sitting on one of the most sought-after stories of the year.”

Fashion Models Are Thin Because This is What They Do. But Does it Have To Be That Way?

Skinny Model Backstage | Source: Kenneth Lyngaas, Campaign Against Eating Disorders

“Last month the ex-editor of Australian Vogue, Kirstie Clements, published a memoir of her time at the helm of the magazine. The book included the controversial information that fashion models ate tissues to fill themselves up.”

Ooh La La: Jean Paul Gaultier Interview

Jean Paul Gaultier by Ed Alcock | Source: NY Times

“For more than 30 years Jean Paul Gaultier has been one of the world’s most influential and inventive designers. From codpieces and skirts for men and underwear as outerwear to androgynous women on the catwalk teasing and transcending the boundaries of gender and stereotyped images of femininity and beauty, Gaultier has firmly established himself as a fashion force for social transgression.”

Hood by Air Has a Fashion Moment

Hood by Air Autumn/Winter 2012 Lookbook | Source: Hypebeast

“By the time ASAP Rocky closed the show — wearing a backward white baseball cap, zippered neoprene jacket and drop-crotch jersey pants — the verdict was in: Hood by Air and its 25-year-old designer, Shayne Oliver, had created a fashion moment. With a style sensibility that draws from hip-hop and the art world, high fashion and street wear, Hood by Air straddles multiple spheres.”

Why it is All Going Wrong for M&S Clothing?

Marks & Spencer's Christmas 2012 | Source: M&S

“This is not just any clothing sales downturn, this is the seventh clothing sales downturn in a row. But what can M&S do to turn their fortunes around? The message is clear: forget the over-complicated marketing strategies and the jazzy campaigns and get back to basics, i.e. decent clothes.”