Daily Digest

30 July, 2013

What Tamara Mellon Did Next: Disrupt Fashion

Tamara Mellon by Denny Chitis | Source: NY Times

“Today, downtown at the Pace Gallery in New York, Tamara Mellon finally unveiled her new brand – not mention plans for the business, which is based on a model that that rejects a lot of the basic conventions of the fashion industry. It tosses, for example, the whole idea of seasons out of window, as well as shows.”

Bangladesh Struggles to Inspect Thousands of Garment Factories

Collapsed building in Bangladesh | Source: Associated Press

“In the weeks since the Rana Plaza collapse killed more than 1,100 workers, at least five different Bangladesh agencies have sent teams to begin inspecting the estimated 5,600 factories that make up the nation’s $20-billion garment industry.”

In Paris, Underneath It All

La Mécanique des Dessous by Luc Boegly | Source: NY Times

“A metal cage opens the Paris exhibition ‘La Mécanique des Dessous’ (Behind the Seams: An Indiscreet Look at the Mechanics of Fashion) at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs through Nov. 24. This indiscreet history is not what translates in the mind as frills and fluff: The curator Denis Bruna had good reason to choose a scientific expression.”