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Feng Chuxuan

Founder & Chief Executive, Huasheng Media

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Feng Chuxuan is the founder and chief executive of Huasheng Media, a media group that works with several foreign magazines to expand Chinese media on a global platform. The media company includes the Chinese editions of T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Wallpaper and Kinfolk. He also secured a deal to produce the Chinese-language print publication of Wall Street Journal Magazine and New York Times Travel, attracting luxury advertising for his company’s publications.

In recent years, major power moves have been affecting Chinese media, including the departure in April of Su Mang as president and chief executive of China’s Trends Media Group, an 18-title magazine empire. Feng continues to grow and bolster his empire, with the launch of three magazines in 2017 and the acquisition of Dan Cui, formerly the fashion director of GQ China and editor-in-chief of GQ Style, who took on the role of partner and co-editor at Huasheng Media in late 2017.

Wallpaper* is Beijing-based publisher Huasheng Media's third licensed magazine launch of the year. The media mogul has spoken of respecting the namesake brand's identity, yet aims to diligently adapt it to China’s domestic market demand and activity. He previously held a role at Lifestyle Media Group.

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