Who We Are
At The Business of Fashion, we are driven by our mission to open, inform and connect the global fashion and beauty industries.

The Business of Fashion is powered by passionate people who believe a more open, informed and connected fashion industry has the power to effect positive change. Today, our talented team of reporters, editors, analysts, engineers, designers, marketers, brand strategists and more numbers more than 100 people in London, New York, Paris, and Milan.

Leadership Team
Imran Amed
Imran Amed
Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief
explore more Nick Blunden
Nick Blunden
Walter Badillo
Walter Badillo
Chief Technical Officer / Head of BoF Professional
Matthew Cullen
Matthew Cullen
Head of Business Development and BoF Careers
Olivia Howland
Olivia Howland
Head of Studio
Vikram Kansara
Vikram Kansara
Editorial Director
Janet Kersnar
Janet Kersnar
Executive Editor
Johanna Layolle
Johanna Layolle
Head of Brand & Community Partnerships
Rachel Lochery
Rachel Lochery
Head of Finance
Rahul Malik
Rahul Malik
Managing Director, North America and Head of BoF Insights
Robin Mellery-Pratt
Robin Mellery-Pratt
Head of Content Strategy
Fraser Park
Fraser Park
Chief Financial Officer
Emily Penny
Emily Penny
Head of Product
Anna Rawling
Anna Rawling
Head of Growth Marketing
Hailey Wojcik
Hailey Wojcik
Chief People and Culture Officer
Imran Amed, Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Josephine Wood, Executive Assistant, Office of the CEO
  • Vikram Alexei Kansara, Editorial Director
  • Brian Baskin, Executive Editor
  • Anouk Vlahovic, Head of Content Operations
  • Tim Blanks, Editor-at-Large
Fashion & Luxury
  • Robert Williams, Luxury Editor
Retail & DTC
  • Cathaleen Chen, Retail Correspondent
  • Malique Morris, DTC Correspondent
  • Daniel-Yaw Miller, Senior Editorial Associate
  • Priya Rao, Executive Editor, The Business of Beauty
  • Liz Flora, Beauty Correspondent
  • Daniela Morosini, Beauty Correspondent
  • Sarah Kent, Chief Sustainability Correspondent
  • Marc Bain, Senior Technology Correspondent
  • Diana Pearl, News and Features Editor
  • Joan Kennedy, Editorial Associate
Global Markets
  • Robb Young, Global Markets Editor
Workplace & Talent
  • Sheena Butler-Young, Senior Correspondent
  • Scarlett Fillingham Burrows, Senior Editorial Operations Manager
  • Darcey Sergison, Senior Associate, Editorial Operations
  • Yola Mzizi, Editorial Apprentice
Contributing Editors & Columnists
  • Angelo Flaccavento
  • Pierre Mallevays
  • Luca Solca
  • Robert Cordero
  • Doug Stephens
  • Ken Pucker
  • Susanna Lau
  • Suleman Anaya
  • Dan Thawley
  • Robin Swithinbank
BoF Insights
  • Rahul Malik, Managing Director, North America and Head of BoF Insights
  • Amanda Dargan, Director of Strategy
  • Rawan Maki, Director, BoF Insights
  • Jael Fowakes, Director, Brand & Communication
  • Diana Lee, Director of Research and Analysis
  • Hannah Crump, Associate Director, BoF Insights
  • Anushka Challawala, Associate Director of Research and Analysis
  • Benjamin Schneider, Senior Research Lead
  • Charlene Teressa, BoF Insights Apprentice
  • Emma Clark, Creative Content Director
  • Olivia Davies, Multimedia Producer
  • Arunima Sharma, Senior Project Manager
  • Stephanie Halfmann, Events Director
  • Isabelle Schoo, Senior Events Manager
  • Niamh Coombes, Events Manager
  • Fred Galley, Senior Designer
  • Amy Vien, Graphic Designer
Social Media
  • Lillian Sesiguzel, Social Media Producer
  • Rachel Lochery, Chief Financial Officer
  • Paul Tookey, Financial Controller
  • Kristina Moritiwon, Senior Finance Manager
  • Eve Brennan, Assistant Management Accountant
  • Tosimi Falomo, Assistant Management Accountant
People & Culture
  • Hailey Wojcik, Chief People and Culture Officer
  • Juliet Clark, Senior Director, People & Culture
  • Grace McColm, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Alexia Amaning, People Operations Manager
  • Neve Trinder, Senior Associate, Employee Experience and Internal Communications
  • Nick Blunden, President
Brand and Community Partnerships
  • Johanna Stout, Head of Brand and Community Partnerships
  • Kizzy Thompson, Senior Director, Brand Partnerships
  • Craig Bethell, Associate Director, Brand Partnerships
  • Victoria Diez, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships
  • Amy Lore, Associate Director, Brand Partnerships
  • Polly Walters, Associate Director, Partnerships Accounts
  • Matt Pastorius, Senior Manager, Brand Partnerships
  • Ellie Thomson, Brand Partnerships Associate
Business Development and BoF Careers
  • Matthew Cullen, Head of Business Development and BoF Careers
  • Alex Rowe, Director, Business Development
  • Hannah Ryan, Director, Business Development
  • Jeremy Vargas, Senior Business Development Manager
  • Gary Clark, Senior Business Development Manager
  • Koby Ohene, Business Development Manager
  • Catherine Bello, Senior Business Development Associate
  • Thesia Yomalita, Sales Development Associate
Content Strategy
  • Robin Mellery-Pratt, Head of Content Strategy
  • Alice Gividen, Associate Director, Content Strategy
  • Sophie Soar, Commercial Features Editor
  • Shenel Wickramaratne, Content Strategy Associate
  • Annabel Bolton, Content Apprentice
Customer Success
  • Charlotte Rual-Lovell, Customer Success Manager
  • Nawel Boukhriss, Sales Development Manager
  • Emily Fraser, Customer Success Associate
  • Rabia Sharif, Customer Success Associate
Customer Experience
  • Liam Trayler, Senior Customer Experience Manager
  • Jade Man, Senior Customer Service Associate
  • Francesca Ferraro, Customer Service Associate
  • Anna Rawling, Head of Growth Marketing
  • Sophie Tanner, Associate Director, Membership
  • Amy Warren, Associate Director, Audience Development
  • Ruby Moores, Senior Marketing Associate
  • Senia Dharmaseta, Marketing Associate, Customer Engagement
  • Alexandra Negrescu, Marketing Associate, Audience Development
Product & Technology
  • Walter Badillo, Chief Technical Officer / Head of BoF Professional
  • Emily Penny, Head of Product
  • Damjan Znidarsic, Head of Technology
  • Alexander Bond, Product Director
  • Emily Chambers, Associate Product Director
  • Greig Benton, Product Manager
  • Elina Khovrenkova, Product Manager
  • Waseem Khalifa, Analytics Engineering Lead
  • Sarahi Vargas, Senior Data Analyst