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Liang Chao

Founder, Yoho!

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Liang Chao is the founder of Yoho!, a Chinese media, e-commerce and events platform that has captured Chinese youth culture for over ten years.

Yoho! started as a fashion and lifestyle magazine in 2005, rapidly expanding into five separate branches, including Yoho! Buy, an e-commerce site, magazines Yoho! Boy and Yoho! Girl, photo sharing app Yoho! Show and Yo’hood, an annual trade show.

With a diverse portfolio, Yoho! maintains a distinct aesthetic and fresh perspective on fashion and lifestyle across all of its channels, winning over the hearts of Chinese millennials.

The Yo’hood trade event attracts over 150 brands from around the world each year, previously including Nike, Adidas, Rip N Dip and KTZ. Yoho! balances high-profile collaborations with the world’s biggest streetwear brands with exclusivity — of the 300 labels stocked on Yoho! Buy in 2018, 90 percent are sold exclusively on the platform.

Liang prefers to remain behind the scenes of the burgeoning Yoho! Empire. After graduating from Nanjing University of Astronautics and Aeronautics in 2002, he worked as a reporter at Nanjing TV for three years before starting Yoho!.  

In 2017, Yoho! Buy opened its first brick and mortar space in Nanjing, where the company is based. In 2018, the group secured a $25 million investment in its Series E funding round. 





2005 - Present

Nanjing, China

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