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Pauline Su

Vice President, China Fashion Week

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A pivotal figure within the Chinese fashion industry, Pauline Su (Baoyan Su) serves as vice president of the China Fashion Association, a governing body that oversees the countries domestic fashion industry and international relations.  Appointed to the role in 2005, Su organises several promotional events through her work at the CFA, most notably the Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week. Held twice yearly in line with international fashion calendars, the fashion week was first held in 1997 and brought international attention to Chinese designers such as Cabbeen and NE Tiger.

The CFA also works to raise the international profile of the Chinese industry and has entered into several international exchange activities such as the SINO-Italian Fashion Summit and the Asian Fashion Federation.

Pauline Su has held several high positions within the fashion and textile industry. A graduate of Xiamen University with a Bachelor degree in French, Su was appointed as deputy general manager of the China Textile International Exchange Centre in 1999, followed by a director’s role at the International Exchange Department of the China National Garment Association. Su first joined the CFA in 2000 as vice general secretary. Su also serves on the Board of Directors of leading menswear company Zuaon Fashion Limited.


China Fashion Week

China Fashion Week

Vice President

1993 - Present


Xiamen University

Xiamen University