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Su Mang

Former President & CEO, Trends Media Group

The executive led the group where she began her career and is a market leader in moulding content for China.


One of the most influential figures in Chinese fashion media, Su Mang is the former president and CEO of Trends Media Group, which she built over two decades into a powerhouse magazine publisher with 18 titles, including the Chinese editions of Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Good Housekeeping. In March 2018, the company announced Mang's resignation, citing personal reasons for her departure. She left the company two months later. 

Mang was also the executive publisher and then editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar in China, which she helmed since its launch in 2001 until 2018. Under Trends’ partnership with Hearst Corp., she had editorial control over the magazine, allowing her the freedom to run content from an original perspective about Chinese culture, art and poetry.

Mang has also helped launch 12 fashion and lifestyle magazines, such as Trends Home, Bazaar Jewellery and Bazaar Art, intended to educate its readers on better living.


Trends Media Group

Trends Media Group


2001 - 2018


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