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Jennifer Woo

Chairman & Chief Executive, Lane Crawford Joyce Group

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As the daughter of property tycoon Peter Woo, Jennifer Woo is one of the youngest and most powerful retailers in Asian fashion. But Ms Woo’s influence goes beyond the privilege of her birth. This is a woman who has made a name as force to be reckoned with in her own right.

Previously the president of Lane Crawford, Woo now oversees the operations of multi-brand designer fashion retailers Lane Crawford and Joyce, accessories specialist The Pedder Group, and brand management and distribution arm, the ImagineX Group, giving her control over much of the retail fashion business in the region.

With stores and points of sales across 50 cities in Greater China and South East Asia, all four companies achieved historic, record-breaking sales in 2011. As the Chinese luxury market continues to grow in leaps and bounds, Ms. Woo is a woman who will undoubtedly continue to shape China’s luxury retail revolution.


Lane Crawford Joyce Group

Lane Crawford Joyce Group

Chairman and Chief Executive

2003 - Present

Hong Kong

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