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Leandra Medine

Founder, manrepeller.com

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United States

United States

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Leandra Medine is the founder of a fashion blog with a novel and quirky concept: The Man Repeller. “It’s about trends that women love and men hate,” the gregarious Medine told BoF. But perhaps what differentiates The Man Repeller most is the way Medine marries impeccable high fashion aesthetics with a comedic approach. “I think what’s so interesting for people is that I don’t take it so seriously and yet I am still immersed in the [fashion] industry,” she says.

The Man Repller clocks millions of pageviews a month and the concept of “man repelling” has entered the fashion vernacular, as has “arm party,” a term coined by Medine to describe her habit of stacking her forearms with numerous bracelets.

As a sign of the power of her brand, in 2010, Medine signed with top entertainment-industry talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to help her capitalise on the opportunities that blogging has brought.

She has collaborated with a long list of fashion brands and retailers, including Maje, Michael Kors , Gryphon, Del Toro, Dannijo, Saks Fifth Avenue and others. And it's these collaborations that net her the bulk of her income.

In 2013, the blogger released her first book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls and in recent months, Medine has gone on record as saying that she aims to shift the tone of her output, telling Vanity Fair, “I’ve been trying to do more of the think-essay thing… I think my readership has evolved with me, maybe in the way Miley Cyrus’s fans are growing up with her."





2010 - New York, United States


Parsons School of Design

Parsons School of Design