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Edwina McCann

Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Australia, Chairman, Australian Fashion Chamber

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Twenty years before she was appointed editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia, Edwina McCann started her career at the title – published by Rupert Murdoch’s News Magazines – as a fashion assistant. After seven years there, McCann moved onto fashion-related editorships at The Australian and Grazia before joining Harper’s Bazaar Australia as editor-in-chief. She replaced Kirstie Clements in a shakeup that was said to shock the Australian fashion community.

When she was poached to lead Vogue after three years at Harper’s Bazaar, one of McCann’s key goals was to increase digital engagement for the 50-odd year old brand, which already had a million unique visitors to its website. "I don't think Vogue is just a magazine. It's not. I'm going to be editor-in-chief of Vogue the brand," she told The Australian. "I would like obviously to get print sales up but digital is very much a focus – digital is the long-term future.

"The idea of being editor-in-chief over not only the magazine but also the digital assets is what was so attractive about the position. But the digital assets need to be reinvigorated, potentially redesigned. The magazine is the heart and soul of the brand, but I'm just as interested in a Facebook friend."

Vogue Australia editors launched in 1959 with Rosemary Cooper and has since seen renowned journalists like Sheila Scotter, June McCallum, Nancy Pilcher and Marion Hume at its helm.

Part of McCann’s initiatives at Vogue Australia also included the Vogue-wide healthy body initiative that represented a commitment on the part of the editors to promote positive and healthy body images.

“In the magazine we're moving away from those very young, very thin girls. A year down the track, we ask ourselves what can Vogue do about it? And an issue like this [June 2013 issue] is what we can do about it. If I was aware of a girl being ill on a photo shoot I wouldn't allow that shoot to go ahead, or if a girl had an eating disorder I would not shoot her,” McCann told The Australian in 2013.


Australian Fashion Chamber

Australian Fashion Chamber


2012 - Present

Sydney, Australia

Harper's Bazaar Magazine

Harper's Bazaar Magazine

Harper's Bazaar Australia

Sydney, Australia

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