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Jean Touitou

Founder, A.P.C.

Jean Touitou's Live Mosaic

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Founding French clothing brand A.P.C. in 1987, Jean Touitou’s simple and minimalistic designs, serving as an antithesis to the extravagant fashions of the decade, quickly gained popularity with Parisian youths. Initially launched as a menswear only range, Touitou launched a womenswear line soon after following demand from the brands already established female clientele. Renowned for its unconventional yet successful collaborations, Touitou regularly partners with American brand Carhartt and Argentinian designer Vanessa Seward on limited edition collections. In July 2013 Touitou also announced the brands first collaboration with Kanye West , releasing a sell-out eight piece capsule collection comprised of t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and jeans.

Having no educational background in design, Touitou secured a job as an office assistant for Japanese designer Kenzo in the late 70’s through friends who worked at the label.  Having left to pursue an unsuccessful attempt at launching his own record label, Touitou returned to Kenzo as an accountant before founding his own label soon after in a small store on Rue Princesse, which he funded through working as a ghost designer for brands such as Joseph’s of London. In 1992 the designer’s work was recognised by the French non-profit committee ANDAM who named him as winner of their prestigious fashion award for that year.

An unconventional fashion designer, in 2008 Touitou opened a private kindergarten school Ateliers de la Petite Enfance (A.P.E.) aimed at providing a fundamental learning and resources for young children.

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