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Pascaline Wilhelm

Fashion Director, Première Vision

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Pascaline Wilheim is the fashion director of the Parisian textiles and fabric fair Première Vision, a role she has held since 1998.

“Of course, fashion is often nostalgic and sometimes indulges in formal reflections of past eras, but creative new textiles have changed everything. For over twenty years now, they have been laying the founding stones of difference, comfort, lightness, elasticity and sensuality to such a level that it is now impossible to go back. Research into new clothing shapes looks to be taking precedence, the ingredients that go into textiles are constantly in a creative simmer, so the future should be bright,” Wilheim told Isetan Park.

Under her guidance, Première Vision has played a key role in driving the global trend for technical fabrication. “There has been such progress made in new materials that people who wanted all natural are now starting to see the benefits of synthetic. The 100% silk, wool, whatever hysteria is over,” she added.

In addition, Wilheim is credited with having created the Première Vision PV Awards in 2009, an annual textiles competition, judged by an international jury and presided over by an influential industry figure. Past presidents have included Véronique Nichanian, Ennio Capasa, Roland Mouret , Felipe Oliveira Baptista , Yiqing Yin and Alessandro Sartori .

The PV Awards consist of four prizes, each recognising excellence in textile production relating to a distinct category, specifically: The Grand Jury, Handle, Innovation and Imagination.

Wilheim is a graduate of ENSAD.


Première Vision

Première Vision

Fashion Director


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