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Global Fashion School Rankings 2015

Istituto Marangoni

Milano, Italy

Founded in Milan, privately run Istituto Marangoni now also operates campuses in Paris, London and Shanghai. In 2016, it will open a new campus in Florence and the fashion education provider plans to continue expanding its training centres, with a focus on emerging fashion capitals. Indeed, part of Istituto Marangoni’s appeal is the opportunity for students to transfer between the international campuses during their studies. Our student survey found that the undergraduate and postgraduate student bodies were ranked the third most internationally diverse out of all the schools surveyed. Entrance to Istituto Marangoni is not particularly competitive. According to data provided by the school, almost every applicant is admitted. Students ranked the institution’s resources, study materials and careers services poorly in our survey and, according to figures provided by the institute, only one percent of undergraduate students participate in internships or job placements while pursuing their BA degrees, though this is higher for MA students. Similarly, students noted a lack of business and sustainability in the curriculum.

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Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Business, Fashion Communication & New Media, Accessories Design, Sandwich Course (Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Styling, Work Placement), Fashion Design Intensive, Fashion Image & Styling Intensive, Fashion Business & Brand Management Intensive, Fashion Promotion & Communication Intensive, Digital Image Creation For Luxury Brands Intensive, Foundation Year

Student & Alumni Comments

"The institute was very unorganised and career services weren't applicable for me as I'm a visa student."


"The school could do so much more to improve itself. There is no technology available for experimenting with fabrics, knitting, prints etc., which means you have to spend a fortune trying to do this outside the school."


"Since it is a private institution, the student body is of course made up of a very international, money-is-no-worry crowd. There was no entry exam when I applied, therefore the quality of student body varied severely."


"There is room for improvement. For example, there is no time for internships within the schedule, so you have to do it on top of everything else, but the school does prepare you well for a career. I got hired a month after I graduated at a well-known British luxury brand."


"It was a great combination of academia and industry knowledge gained through lecturers who not only taught but also worked in the industry simultaneously. Overall, it prepared me immensely well for the fast paced fashion industry!"


"Exhilarating, everyday there is something new going on, new opportunities, seminars, events. It is great to be in a community like this, especially with a heavy focus on luxury fashion and students interested in it."

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"Amazing people, some great teachers who bring their practical knowledge and experience to the classroom, which makes learning so much more fun and interesting."

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