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BoF China Summit to Debut at Shanghai Fashion Week

China’s big hitters, global executives and BoF’s growing China-based community will come together for the first-ever BoF China Summit.
The Fosun Foundation, Shanghai, China | Source: Courtesy
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SHANGHAI, China — The Business of Fashion will hold the inaugural edition of the BoF China Summit, our platform for China's top executives, entrepreneurs and captains of industry, supported by our principal partner MyMM. On October 11, 2017 at the Fosun Foundation in the heart of the Bund, the summit will kick off Shanghai Fashion Week, exploring the burning issues, challenges and future opportunities facing the fashion industry in China and beyond.

Over the past decade, China has been the engine of the fashion and luxury goods industry, positioning itself as the factory for the world and the king of consumption for a new century. The Chinese market has not been immune to the dramatic forces that have shaken our industry in recent years, but China’s influence only grows as its role evolves ever faster.

There isn’t a corner of the globe where the ripple effect can’t be felt when industry leaders take a decision about the Chinese market. Whether it is about the future of retail, supply chain efficiency, boosting exports or digital innovations to better serve the country’s colossal and increasingly complex consumer market, China’s impact on the global fashion industry is simply unparalleled.

“China’s decision-makers now need a new kind of gathering. By bringing together fashion industry pioneers and bold business leaders who have local, regional and global perspectives, the BoF China Summit will create a unique and valuable atmosphere,” says BoF founder and CEO Imran Amed.

“Our ultimate mission is to set the agenda and catalyse action for our industry peers, colleagues and partners in China and of course to amplify their conversations around the world. But the summit will also be a place where you can get down to business while immersing yourself in a day of rousing talks designed to keep you one step ahead, open your mind and occasionally take you out of your comfort zone.”

The Chinese name for the BoF China Summit is “Lundao”, which means to discover the essentials through dialogue. Two Chinese characters have been carefully chosen to express the delicate balance that the event aims to achieve: a platform of substance bringing inspiring minds together with a distinctly collaborative style and a voice of authority.

The BoF China Summit will be an intimate, real-world platform for our community to gather alongside other leaders and trailblazers in adjacent industries such as tech, media and jewellery. This summit presents the ideal time to open up new frontiers and challenge conventional wisdom about the fashion and luxury business.

The timing of the BoF China Summit coincides with the third anniversary of the launch of our Chinese-language edition, BoF China, which continues to bring in-depth global and local coverage of the fashion, luxury and apparel industries to Chinese readers through original fashion business news, features and analysis. For further information on the Summit and speaker announcements keep checking back in the coming weeks.

Shanghai Fashion Week is the Strategic Partner of the BoF China Summit

Fosun Foundation is the Venue Partner of the BoF China Summit

WHITE is the Associate Partner of the BoF China Summit

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