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A luxury fashion and lifestyle brand that uses the Greek heritage as an inspiration to create items of refined design


A luxury fashion and lifestyle brand that uses the Greek heritage as an inspiration to create items of refined design

Vital statistics

  • 2013 Established
  • Private Type
  • 11 - 50 Number of employees
  • 6-8 Taki str.
    Athens, Greece

Key people

  • Mareva Grabowski Co-CEO
  • Dimitra Kolotoura Co-CEO
  • Lydia Vousvouni Head of Design

Company Snapshot

Company Snapshot

With a rich heritage rooted in mythology and symbolism, Zeus+Δione transcends classical notions of style and design. Revive specialized techniques and apply them with highest aesthetics and refined design to a wide range of fashion items that have a story to tell. 

Beyond symbolism, Zeus+Δione’s creative direction is influenced by geometry, precision and minimal aesthetics all of which are elements prevalent in the Doric order of classical architecture and archaic art. The clean lines that characterize all products are then embellished with elaborated folkloric details in geometric forms that portray the craftsmanship power and value of history.

Most of the raw materials are crafted by expert artisans all over Greece exclusively for the brand. The focus is on silk textile production which takes place in the brand’s associated factory in Soufli, the traditional ‘silk town’ of Greece with a long history of fine silk production. Each custom-made textile is weaved, dyed and embellished utilizing traditional techniques with an innovative edge. Leather is also manufactured and hand treated for the finest leather goods with specialized expertise. Finally, all folkloric elements that are explored and which are minimally allocated to products, give space to artisans to be creative with handmade embroideries, hand-loom yarn weaving and a plethora of handcrafted practices which offer a uniqueness to the end products. All materials portray the core values of the brand which are authenticity, eclecticism, craftsmanship and high aesthetics.

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