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Axel Dumas

Chief Executive, Hermès

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A sixth generation member of the Hermès family and Jean Louis Dumas’ nephew, Axel Dumas took over as chief executive of his family’s Paris listed company in 2014. Previously, he was co-chief executive and head of operations of Hermès International Société, Europe’s third-largest luxury goods group, founded as a saddle and harness maker in 1837.

Dumas was appointed in challenging times for the company. Speaking to the Financial Times he described the ongoing spar between Hermès and LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault as “the battle of our generation.” Aside from the “neither desired nor desirable” attentions of Arnault, Hermès is on extremely sure commercial footing. Dumas will oversee the company at a time of record profitability, as Hermès is a globally regarded company positioned at the pinnacle of the luxury market.

He served as the managing director of operations, chief operating officer, and head of operations & sales at Hermès for three years, from May 2011. Dumas joined Hermès in 1993, having worked for Paribas, now part of BNP Paribas, as a banker in Beijing and New York. Previously, he has held the position of brand commercial director of France, the group’s biggest market accounting for 17 percent of total sales. In the past, he has headed the jewellery department and the leather goods division, the group’s most lucrative division, which contributes half of Hermès’ sales.

He studied at Sciences Po in Paris and at Harvard in the United States.


Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School