Guest Lectures
The British School of Fashion has regular industry experts on campus speaking to our students through a series of fascinating guest lectures from fashion and luxury business leaders.
CoverPaula White: IBM
CoverSandra Mertens, Joint MD: Agent Provocateur
CoverClare Vella: Club 21
CoverJosina von dem bussche kessel, director: Fabergé
CoverSarah Bunter: Bunter Casting
CoverDaniel Blyth, Buyer: Selfirdges
CoverDiana Nieto, Co-Founder and CEO: Positive Luxury
CoverWilliam Plane: Savigny Partners LLP
CoverKLM Retail
CoverSimon Chambers, Founder and Director: STORM
CoverJosina von dem bussche kessel, director Fabergé
CoverDavina Dunlea: Boxing Social
CoverNavaz Batliwalla: Disneyrollergirl
CoverAlison Lewy: Fashion Angel
CoverAndy Stovold: Advantec
CoverMarie Louise Pumfrey: MLPR
CoverLisa Maynard-Atem: STYLISA