Matchbook Magazine launch party at Coach Soho, 2/2/11
Last night at Coach SoHo, we celebrated the launch of new digital lifestyle publication, Matchbook Magazine. Check out the party snaps!
CoverCo-founders Katie Armour & Jane Warren
CoverFallon Hogerty
CoverLela Rose & Rita Konig
CoverKatie Armour & Jane Warren
CoverKatie Armour, Lela Rose, Jane Warren, Rita Konig
CoverErin Ogren, Joe Ogren, Andrea Ross, Aaron Albert
CoverFrances Fontaine
CoverCustom red and white matchbooks
CoverDoreen Xia
CoverKatie Evans & Fallon Hogerty
CoverAlley Katz, John Jannuzzi, Jane Son
CoverDerek Conrad, Cara Dorr, Michael Isselin
CoverKyle Shaffler & Lindsey Schluge
CoverRita Konig & John Derian
CoverBreck Hostetter & Matt Heindl of Sesame Letterpress
CoverStephen Burrows
CoverParty scene at Coach SoHo
CoverHeidi Bianco, Anna Burke, Charlotte Barnes, Kristen Wilson
CoverGrace Ehlers & Ashley Lopez
CoverGuest, Shaun Jackson, Erin Ogren
CoverCoach artisans showing party-goers their craft
CoverFrances Fontaine and friends
CoverNykia Spradley & Jessica Cumberbatch
CoverMatchbook-adorned cupcakes from The Cupcake Cafe
CoverJoe Ogren, Shaun Jackson, Erin Ogren, Katie Armour
CoverAlley Katz, Jane son, Ellen Moore
CoverKatie Armour, John Derian, Fallon Hogerty