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The House of Costarellos was launched in 1998. The first atelier in the center of Athens worked with an exclusive clientele who deeply appreciated the designer's charisma in fine tailoring, finishing details and special couture techniques. Soon enough, the Costarellos collections were interpreted as feminine elegance, created with dedicated craftsmanship and infused with an air of ethereal dreams. By the year 2000, the production line was enriched with 2 new ateliers, which provided the flow for the collections' development andthe unique sur mesure creations. Within the next 12 years, the House of Costarellos is established in the international market. Today, it includes a head office, a line of ateliers and a local and international showroom in Athens and Paris. An infinite creative force, constant research and the unique blend of innovative cuts with traditional moulage techniques have been the signature of Costarellos' Nouvelle Couture. The worldwide distribution network, with more than 50 selling points around the globe, such as Harrods, Moda Operandi and Harvey Nichols, constitutes the “ambassadors” of the Costarellos dignified presence in the fashion industry.

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