Michelle Obama with FIT students Natalya Koval and Chelsea Chen
FIT was invited to the first Fashion Education Workshop hosted at the White House where Natalya Koval and Chelsea Chen were recognized for their dress designs.
CoverNatalya Koval, President Joyce F. Brown, and Chelsea Chen
CoverChelsea Chen's dress design
CoverMichelle Obama during opening remarks at the first-ever Fashion Education Workshop held at the White House wearing the dress by FIT student Natalya Koval.
CoverMichelle Obama speaking about a new educational initiative for students interested in fashion, design, and art that will provide a direct career path to lower socioeconomic students and minorities.
CoverNatalya Koval standing next to the dress she designed for Michelle Obama.
CoverPhilip Lim with Natalya Koval and Chelsea Chen
CoverPhilip Lim witih Natalya Koval
CoverAnna Wintour with Natalya Koval
CoverThe backside of the dress Michelle Obama wore at the Fashion Education Workshop opening remarks.
CoverNatalya Koval and Chelsea Chen
CoverNatalya Koval with Prabal Gurung
CoverPanelists from the discussion portion of the Fashion Education Workshop, including Diane von Furstenburg.
CoverFIT fashion design faculty member Kathlin Argiro who advised Natalya and Chelsea on their dress designs posing with President Joyce F. Brown.
CoverCarolina Herrera with Natalya Koval and Chelsea Chen.