LCF X The Powerpuff Girls
On the first day of London Fashion Week we proudly unveiled the winners of a collaboration that paired LCF's future generation of fashion designers with the iconic crime-fighting superheroes The Powerpuff Girls. Photos by Alma Rosaz
CoverThird year students Cara Edden and Hana Hussein won the £3,000 first prize. The design encapsulated the ethos of The Powerpuff Girls through strong...
Coverconstrasts of silhouettes and exhaggerated layers. The playfulness of the brand was represented with colour and embellishments.
CoverSecond prize of £1,500 was awarded to Laura Ubeda, Angelo La Barbera, Sofia Marino and Olivia Rubens for their ability to translate the Girls’...
Coverdifferent personalities to design by using varying textiles, prints and fabrics.
CoverThe £1,000 third prize went to In (Tony) Lee, Faye Arguelles, Polina Gorkovenko and Thanakhom Sittiarttakorn for their incredible use of techniques...
Coverwhich included 3D embroidery as well as laser-cut etching and digital print.
CoverCongratulations to all the students involved in the collaboration and thanks to our friends at Adidas for providing the footwear