Fashion Marketing & Communications

1 hrs 43 mins read

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In the fashion and luxury industries, selling a lifestyle and tapping into the aspirations and dreams of consumers can be as significant a motivation to purchase as product innovation and quality. As a result, marketing has long been a fundamental cornerstone of any modern fashion or luxury business. Where once marketing focused on print media and unilateral broadcasts by a brand, today it seeks to create a dialogue between brand and consumer. In this course, public relations, influencer marketing, experiential marketing, digital marketing, content marketing and demographic specific strategies are each explained and illustrated through real-life examples from leading brands, in addition to features identifying market trends and industry developments.

1. Public Relations

14 mins

The supply, dissemination and management of information regarding an individual or a company to the public and the press.

2. Influencer Marketing

25 mins

Companies can utilise the public interest in an individual or a specific demographic of influential figures to influence broader consumer segments.

5. Marketing to Millennials

17 mins

Strategies and exercises that specifically target the millennial demographic — much influenced by the digital revolution and new forms of communication, such as social media.


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