Dave Powers

CEO & President

Marco Ellerker

Vice President / General Manager EMEA

Sara Pires

FP&A Director, EMEA

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Today’s Deckers didn’t just happen. It’s been an ongoing journey—one that started nearly 50 years ago in Santa Barbara with a single step of a simple flip-flop. Since then, we’ve evolved through both innovation and acquisition. Along the way, we’ve been joined on our journey by other like-minded brands—risk-taking, lifestyle brands that shared our passion for surf, sand and adventure: UGG, Teva, Sanuk, HOKA and Koolaburra. And suddenly, we were no longer just a small California company. Today, Deckers is a global corporation of five brands with well over 3,000 employees. But as exciting as our journey has been to this point, it’s far from over. Where we go next is entirely up to us—all of us. Because together is how we’ll improve our business and create a better world around it.

We exist to positively impact the world by uniting purposeful brands with diverse people driven to succeed and create change.


We believe that the company you build is defined by the company you keep. We believe that a diverse, inclusive culture drives creativity and success. We believe that open hearts and minds together can unleash the potential of a brilliant mix of people—in every corner of Deckers. We strive to create a workplace that values ALL people, where we embrace differences, and everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work. Because the more perspectives we share, the better we can be.

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EMPLOYEES1,001 - 5,000

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