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Massimo Dutti (Inditex Group) was born in 1985 and acquired by Inditex in 1991.

In its origins, the brand is oriented to men's fashion. The launch of women's fashion in all its dimensions began in 1995, from the most urban to casual lines. With this, Massimo Dutti is consolidated at all levels as a growing group nationally and internationally, with a staff that currently exceeds 8,000 employees.

Massimo Dutti, with more than 600 stores, located in 80 markets, is the result of an elegant and universal design, crossing all borders to connect with the man and woman of today, independent, urban and cosmopolitan. It presents a complete variety of lines, ranging from the most urban and sophisticated to the most sporting, all maintaining an exquisite demand for elegance.

Massimo Dutti combines basic and contemporary styles, made with the latest generation fabrics, but always practical, pleasant and quality. Discreet textures, 100% natural fabrics and innovative mixtures that offer as a result an impeccable image with the maximum comfort.

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