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Founded in 1992, Sahara is a creative, independent designer, manufacturer and retailer of women's fashion and accessories. Still very much a family-run business, the company has grown significantly over the past decade and continues to expand across the UK and abroad. Sahara has 15 own-brand stores in the UK, plus a strong online presence and a growing wholesale business with 150 stockists. With 150 employees, Sahara's team is continuously growing with bright, innovative and inspiring people.

We are the Women of Sahara.

We are unconstrained. Our adventurous spirit leads us beyond the High Street to destinations lesser known.

For clothes that mean more. That add to the story of our lives.

We are unique. Try and pin us down, it doesn't work. Label us and it won't stick. We believe that demographics divide, age is just a state of mind and body type is what each one of us sees in the mirror.

We are leaders. Visionaries in our own right.

Creative, passionate - and only ever underestimated once.

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