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Why I’m Excited About The Business of Beauty Global Awards

Our inaugural programme will honour three entrepreneurs changing the face of our industry.
Introducing The Business of Beauty Global Awards.
Introducing The Business of Beauty Global Awards.

One of the best things about my job is the opportunity to meet with founders early on and hear firsthand about their creative new ideas, products or brands. I remember meeting Saint Jane’s Casey Georgeson well before the luxury brand hit the market and learning about what a powerful molecule CBD could be for skincare. And I will never forget getting to know Amy Liu from Tower 28, who quickly explained why makeup for sensitive, eczema-riddled skin could be a game changer.

During my time at The Business of Fashion, the chance to meet innovative new founders has only grown, given our global point of view. In my travels to BoF events in London, Mumbai, Napa Valley and beyond, one thing that has struck me is how great entrepreneurship can be and should be found in every corner of the world.

Perhaps more than any other sector, emerging beauty founders are ready to disrupt at a moment’s notice. And we desperately need that kind of innovation, so that our industry continues to be challenged. But sometimes even the best ideas don’t get enough airtime, whether that’s from marketing agencies, investment firms or beauty’s all powerful gatekeepers: retailers.

We believe The Business of Beauty can play a special role in surfacing high-potential entrepreneurs and connecting them with the industry leaders they need to know if they’re serious about taking their businesses to the next level. Last year, at our first-ever The Business of Beauty Global Forum in Napa Valley, California, I saw how 140 members of beauty’s old guard and new guard naturally intermingled and reimagined where our industry was going. The early seeds of friendships, partnerships and deals were made.


A shortlist of our Global Awards finalists will be invited to attend this year’s edition of our invitation-only event, where they will have the opportunity to join our programme of talks and intimate gatherings, and pitch their businesses to myself, expert BoF editors and a judging panel of industry leaders.

We are looking for founders and businesses that exude creativity, demonstrate strong business performance with a clear path to profitability and revenue, and are having a meaningful impact on their community and the industry at large. If you believe you fit this criteria, please apply. And if you know a deserving entrepreneur, please forward this application. Because as we all know, so much of getting that lucky first break as a new founder is access.

That’s what we want to provide at The Business of Beauty. I can’t wait to read all of your applications, test your products and hopefully meet you very soon face-to-face.

Here are my top picks from our insight and analysis on beauty and wellness this week:

1. The Perfumers Driving the Fragrance Industry

A test tube with pink fragrance ingredients.
With the creation of perfume formulas outsourced to just a handful of fragrance manufacturers like Givaudan and DSM-Firmenich, many of the top selling fragrances across the market are created by a recurring set of figures. (Shutterstock)

While brand names and celebrities get the public to buy scents, it’s leading behind-the-scenes noses who fuel innovation and set key trends.

2. Lana Del Rey’s Makeup Artist Etienne Ortega Unveils Beauty Brand

Three models showcase looks created using Ortega products.
Looks created using Ortega products. (Ortega)

With advice from Kris Jenner, the artist debuts his new makeup line, Ortega.


3. The Business of Beauty Haul of Fame: Should You Get Carded for Skincare?

Two tween girls looking at something on the phone
Labels are tacking on age restrictions to their products in the hopes of curbing Gen-Alpha's growing obsession with skincare. (Shutterstock)

Brands’ tween outrage becomes a PR stunt.

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Agenda-setting intelligence, analysis and advice for the global fashion community.
The Business of Beauty Global Awards - Deadline 30 April 2024
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The Business of Beauty Global Awards - Deadline 30 April 2024