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BoF Seeks Applicants for Black Journalists Fellowship

The Business of Fashion is seeking candidates for a six-month, part-time, paid reporting fellowship with our editorial team, designed to empower up-and-coming Black journalists.
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BoF Print Issues

The Business of Fashion announces the Next-Generation Black Journalists Fellowship, a six-month, part-time, paid reporting and writing program designed to empower up-and-coming Black journalists of any age.

Black culture has an outsized influence on the fashion and beauty businesses, not only in designing the products, images and silhouettes that influence the consumer at large, but also setting trends and validating status symbols that define a cultural moment. But behind-the-scenes, Black professionals are underrepresented and often disenfranchised, especially in positions of power and ownership on both the creative and business sides of the industry. This problem extends to the media outlets that cover the sector. The Fellowship seeks to address this issue.


The BoF Next Generation Black Journalists Fellowship aims to support Black writers with a passionate interest in the business of fashion and beauty who do not have an extensive track record of published work. Are you a retail worker with a flair for writing? Or a nurse who wants to bring your science education to writing about beauty products? This program could be for you.

Black writers from any country are eligible to apply. This includes individuals of mixed heritage. Applicants are welcome to continue working full or part-time in other parts of the fashion industry, or in other sectors, during the fellowship. Applicants may be based in any geography. University education is not required, nor is a formal resume.

Fellowship Details

How long is the fellowship?

The program will start in Spring 2021 and last six months.

Is the fellowship paid?

Yes, fellows will be paid. The program does not include benefits. Pre-approved reporting expenses that align with our editorial policies will be reimbursed.

How many fellows are in the program?

We plan to work with 1-2 fellows per six month period.

Who chooses the fellows?

The fellows are chosen by select members of BoF’s editorial team, as well as a member of BoF’s Diversity & Inclusion Council.

How are applications judged?

Prospective fellows will submit answers to a series of questions explaining why they want to be a part of the fellowship and share thoughts on the kinds of stories they would like to write. Applications will be reviewed on the basis of the quality of their ideas and passion for the business of fashion and beauty. Writing skills are important but by no means the sole factor in determining applicant suitability. Applicants need not limit their focus to diversity, inclusion or equity issues.

What kind of work will the fellows perform?

Fellows will research, report and write news and feature stories that are published on BoF. They will be required to adhere to our strict editorial principles and ethics policy.

What kind of experience should the fellows expect?

Fellows will be paired with members of our editorial team who will guide them through the process of pitching, reporting, writing, fact-checking and producing a story for publication. We expect them to write at least one story per month.

Will BoF require fellows to follow BoF’s editorial policy?

Yes, fellows will need to adhere to BoF’s editorial policies, which include guidelines around reporting practices and conflicts of interest. While we understand fellows may work in other parts of the fashion and beauty industries while participating in the program, they are prohibited from writing about any company with which they are employed in any capacity or in which they have any financial interest.

How to Apply

Please submit written responses to the following prompts by emailing them to by 31st March 2021. While there are no restrictions on length, we recommend that you aim for less than 300 words per question. Applications will not be considered unless all the questions are addressed. Formal resumes are not required.

  1. Please briefly introduce yourself to us.
  2. Why are you interested in the business of fashion and/or beauty?
  3. What is the most important issue in the business of fashion and/or beauty today that is not already covered extensively by the media? Choose one, be specific and explain why the issue is significant to you.
  4. If you could interview anyone in the fashion or beauty industries, who would choose and what would ask them?
  5. Please choose an article, book, Twitter thread or any type of content about the business of fashion (not necessarily from BoF) that impressed you. Why did you choose it and what value do you think it added to the conversation on fashion and/or beauty?
  6. Why are you the right person to do this Fellowship?
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