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Introducing BoF’s New Online Course: Build Your Dream Career with Musa Tariq

Today, BoF launches a step-by-step guide to strategically planning your future career and building your personal brand with Musa Tariq, who has held senior management roles at Ford, Burberry, Nike and Apple — all by the age of 35.
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NEW YORK, United States — The global workforce is in the midst of a radical demographic shift. By 2020, millennials are expected to make up the largest portion of the total working population, with Gen-Z following closely behind. Importantly, both generational cohorts place greater emphasis on career development opportunities than financial reward or other compensation benefits — a break from previous generations. Already, that outlook is coming to bear on the fashion job market, as employers-of-choice fight to exhibit greater focus on development and increasing opportunities for autonomy and entrepreneurship at work.

However, despite growing interest in more flexible career paths and self-driven career development, few appropriate tools exist to help individuals comprehend, or, crucially, take advantage of them. That’s why BoF teamed up with Musa Tariq — whose impressive career trajectory saw him appointed chief brand officer of Ford Motor Company aged 35 — to create our latest exclusive online course: Build Your Dream Career.

In the self-directed course, you will learn how to identify, build and navigate your career path, creating a 4-step strategy document for your entire career and enabling you to plot different routes to your future success. What’s more, as passive recruitment and online tools such as LinkedIn become fundamental recruitment and swift career progression, you will learn the key principles for growing and optimising your personal brand. Structured deep dives and exclusive video content break down essential concepts including: personal values, brand differentiation, networking, interviewing, mentoring and developing your digital touchpoints.


Learn to drive your own career development.

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“You're always being recruited by someone,” explains Tariq. “What you want to do is tell the story you want to tell versus the story that has already been told about you. We designed this course to make sure that the rules or ideas that we talk about are applicable to everyone. This is a set of tools and ideas that anyone can apply to their lives. The only thing I need you to have is a bit of hustle,” he explains.

Tariq is an authority in hustle and self-driven career development. Following early leadership roles at JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, he served as global head of digital marketing and the first-ever director of social media at Burberry. It was during Tariq's tenure that the 150-year-old brand British brand established itself as a digital leader in the industry. Tariq left Burberry to join Nike as the first senior director of social media and community, before going to work under Angela Ahrendts once again as Apple's global marketing and communication director for retail. In 2017, he was appointed chief brand officer and vice president of Ford Motor Company, a position he chose to leave earlier this year.

What will people learn on the course?

“A couple of things that you're going to learn in this course is first, how to position yourself. What is your personal brand? What do you stand for? Going through a few exercises to help you think about what is important to you and help you find your purpose.

Second is your map and journey for life. Having a destination and a purpose so that as you go through your career, you think about the steps you want to make. When it comes to your life, when it comes to your career, when it comes to the decisions you make, when was the last time you sat down with a blank piece of paper and wrote down what was important to you? Or wrote down what your career strategy is?

The third is how you put yourself out there, how I recommend you should use LinkedIn, how you should use Instagram and social media — putting together the perfect resume, and even tips and tricks on things that I find useful in interviews, both when I have been interviewing people and when I have been going through the process myself.”

How will this course help accelerate your career development?


“Your personal brand really matters. Having a personal brand isn't about being a celebrity or an influencer necessarily, but you want to put yourself out there in the best light. It's about giving yourself a strategy and a point of view in life to help you make decisions, to help you succeed and to help you get out the rut. It is as if you as a human being were a brand. When going through that interview process and application process, it is so important how you differentiate yourself in a very, very competitive market place.

More than anything I wanted to build a course that really helps people with their lives, helps you make decisions and helps you get recognised in the industry. I want to be able to impact your life for not just the next year but the next five, 10, 15, 20 years of your life. I’ve been really lucky to have done well in my career and had some amazing jobs. What I wanted to do is start thinking about how I unpack that and take those life lessons to share them with you.”

Learn to drive your own career development.
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