1 August 2016

How should fashion prepare for global instability?

Insight & Analysis

Endless terror attacks, full-fledged Middle East wars, financial shocks, Brexit, a bruising US election campaign, a tumbling Russia, China's slowdown, Brazil's meltdown, the rise of far-right nationalists in Europe. We live in polarising, tense and turbulent times where geopolitical conflicts, economic crises and social unrest are all contributing to a state of global instability and uncertainty, posing serious and far-reaching risks for an emotionally-driven and interconnected market like fashion and luxury. How should fashion and luxury companies prepare themselves for the unsettling reality of today's state of global instability?

Achim Berg and Leonie Brantberg Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co

Op-Ed | A Survival Guide to a Volatile World

Fashion is vulnerable to global instability but businesses can manage and mitigate volatility with a smart, long-term strategy, argue Achim Berg and Leonie Brantberg.

Charlotte Keesing Director of international and public affairs, Walpole

Op-Ed | Don't Underestimate the Americas Opportunity

In a climate of global uncertainty, luxury brands should consider revisiting the US and reviewing Latin American markets for growth opportunities, argues Charlotte Keesing.

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