19 April 2015

How can traditional craftsmanship survive in the modern world?

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How can traditional craftsmanship survive in the modern world?

Around the world, the beauty and cultural wisdom of age-old craftsmanship is on the verge of extinction. Highly-skilled craftsmen and women have become an endangered species as more young people have chosen other career options. This, and the proliferation of mechanised, globalised production has brought many traditional, craft-based businesses to their knees. Those that remain are often small, family-run enterprises, without the financial resources to attract and develop new talent and without the skills to create sustainable business models. How can traditional craftsmanship survive in the modern world?

Bandana Tewari Journalist

Op-Ed | Luxury Brands Must Credit Craftspeople

European luxury brands do not give credit to artisans in countries like India, though they employ their skills season after season, says Bandana Tewari.

Alice Archer Designer

Op-Ed | Machines Create New Opportunities for Craftsmanship

The use of computers and mechanical processes are not antithetical to craftsmanship, but essential to it, says designer Alice Archer.

Christopher Moore Director, British School of Fashion & Assistant Vice Principal, Glasgow Caledonian University

Op-Ed | Bolster Craft with Better Labelling and Young Blood

To put craft back on the map, the industry needs to recruit more young people and set up more clear ‘Made in’ labelling systems, says Professor Christopher Moore, director of the British School of Fashion.

Guy Salter

Op-Ed | From Luxury to Craft: Climbing the ‘Discernment Curve’

Growing sophistication rather than raw wealth is becoming the main driver of how people consume, shifting luxury spending to craft or brands with craft credentials, argues Guy Salter.

Top Comments
Nice to see someone not falling for the either or fallacy with technology. Our advancements create better tools for us to use in service to our creativity.
By Seth Friedermann
There are certain skilled craftsmen whom we are going to loose forever, because they have not passed their skills to next generation who are more interested in other careers.
By Maimoona Aurakzai
The general public seem to have forgotten about the importance of quality in their increased desire to scoop up fast fashions.
By Natalia LR

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