16 August 2016

What does the fourth industrial revolution mean for fashion?

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What does the fourth industrial revolution mean for fashion?

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the first and second industrial revolutions fundamentally transformed clothing manufacturing. In the 20th century, the third industrial revolution, in the form of information technology, has revolutionised the way we communicate and consume fashion, forcing the industry to rethink its ‘broken’ system for the digital age. But even as fashion grapples with the far-reaching implications of the Internet, a fourth industrial revolution — powered by a constellation of new innovations across the physical, digital and biological worlds — is already driving a new wave of profound change across the global economy. How will the fourth industrial revolution transform fashion?

Todd Harple Director of pathfinding and innovation strategy, Intel

Op-Ed | A New Toolkit for Designers

Designers must integrate software, sensors, processors and new synthetic and biological materials into their toolkit, argues Todd Harple.

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